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If you are facing any problems with your camera and are confused about what to do next? Then, Worry Not! For, we are here to help you either repair or replace your camera. Similarly, if you are looking to purchase a drone camera or looking to find any similar information, Luke’s Camera and Drone Service is the right choice for you.

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roofing company of tampa bay, roof repair, new port richey

The Roofing Company

Here is a picture of The Roofing Company of Tampa Bay  location in New Port Richey FL. We work with them to showcase there roof installations and repairs through ariel photography. Below is one of the roofing projects we did for them


Photography and travel go hand in hand as many of the renowned photographers like to travel around the world taking pictures in different natural and man-made settings. Most of the people like to do the same as they want to capture the most beautiful memories of their lives with photography. These travel trips may be alone or with family but it is the memories that are important and photography and cameras have helped significantly in freezing such special moments. But travel photography has never been more fun with the introduction of drone technology and the convenience it provides has made photography so easy. You might have seen shots being taken from a helicopter that provide a bird’s eye view of the entire setting. Well, all of that has been made possible by only clicking two buttons while controlling the drone through your phone or a handheld device.

The feeling of being able to capture an image from the top view has made travel even more memorable. With the help of drones, all of this has been made possible as the use of drones now makes it very easy to capture images that you might not have managed to do so from a normal standpoint. The most appealing part about drones is that they are very easy to use and they allow you access to locations and enclosed spaces and then the elevation to get over that location provides very memorable images that many photographers would love to capture.

Many of us have spent time traveling around in various beautiful locations around the world. We may have even been able to capture some of the most beautiful shots, however, drone photography and the access it has provided is unparalleled and that has made traveling even more fun.

Drone photography has allowed us to understand the physical changes we have brought to the world and by being able to do so we have made beautiful memories. There is no denying the fact that traveling has always meant exploring the unknown horizons. But with this technological advancement of drones that are available to use for photography purposes by anyone has surely brought on a new experience which is very rare.

There is no denying that other forms of photography have their own distinguishable characteristics but adding drone photography into the mix and the prospect of getting a whole new angle onto any setting around the world has made it even more mesmerizing. Now you are able to capture images of the same setting from different angles for a longer period of time and get the most memorable of results.

Another important factor that adds to the appeal of drone shots is that we as human beings have grown used to the old form of photography. Surely, there are some mesmerizing images that can be captured but the new technology of drones has opened up new horizons and all its new features are very exciting for a person who likes to travel around and take pictures.

One of the most important aspects of drone photography is that pictures can be used to tell different stories. But being able to do so from above the eye-level has added more appeal and the use of drones has helped create a new dimension of photography that has made travel even more fun thing. Now you are able to create the most beautiful of memories of a location that you do not have to be physically present at. Whether it is a shot of a wave further into the sea or a cliff that is humanly not possible to get to but drones allow you to do so.

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