Drones in Cinematography & Film Production

The introduction of drone technology has been a great revolution in the photography industry. These unmanned aerial vehicles have made things very easy in almost every aspect of human life. Similarly, the use of drones in cinematography and film production has been a blessing for directors and cinematographers who have jumped on into the use of this technology and are making the most of it. The use of drone technology has revolutionized the way films are being directed now as it has provided the capability to shoot shots that were impossible before and needed the aid of computer-generated graphics. These drones now allow directors to take shots from impossible angles and the best part about this technology is that it is not difficult to learn and switch to.

With the introduction of drones into filmmaking, the saying ‘sky is the limit’ is surely justified as drones now allow almost impossible things to be achieved. In recent times, different drone making companies, which have introduced this technology into filmmaking, have captured footage of an erupting volcano. This kind of coverage was not humanly possible before but with the use of drones, it is possible now. And the potential range of capturing such images with this device is almost limitless.

Technological advances have been so ample that these drones are now becoming more and more advanced. And it is predicted that in the manner, the advancement is going on, drones are believed to eventually take over cameramen by rendering them obsolete. Their roles are expected to be limited down to just being drone pilots and a wide variety of movies can be shot with these drones.

Currently, in the film production business, computer generated graphics are an important part of film making and cinematography as they allow the unreal elements to be included in different shots. This use of CGI has been a stepping-stone for a million-dollar blockbuster industry that is capitalizing on the advancement in technology. Similarly, the use of drones in cinematography has equal importance in terms of the results that are expected from it. Not only has it opened new doors for different directors who can fully get the coverage they want but it has opened another angle to filmmaking also. Previously, we had seen the use of helicopters for getting bird’s eye view shot in different movies, however, there is no need for that anymore as all of that can now be done by standing on the ground, piloting a drone that is capable of covering exactly the same angles depending upon the camera that is placed on the drone.

Initially, there might have been problems in terms of the weight of the camera to be carried by the drone, however, as advances have been made, drones are now capable of carrying multiple DSLRs which are used for filmmaking and allow same scenes to be covered by a single drone from different angles. This kind of filmmaking has never been seen before and has slowly become the center of attention.

This technology has completely changed how directors were shooting movies. Various filmmakers are now coming up with more imaginative methods to use the drone and get the upper hand they needed in order to make their film a massive hit or to take their filmmaking skills to the next level.

With this much potential who would not want to use drones in filmmaking? And apart from all the creative benefits it provides, it also allows the same shots to be taken which may have needed a huge budget previously but now with the drone technology available, all of that can be done and is possible at a cheaper rate which is convenient for every filmmaker.