Drones in Cinematography & Film Production

The introduction of drone technology has been a great revolution in the photography industry. These unmanned aerial vehicles have made things very easy in almost every aspect of human life. Similarly, the use of drones in cinematography and film production has been a blessing for directors and cinematographers who have jumped on into the use […]

The Must-Know Basics of Digital Camera Repairing

Digital cameras have made our lives very easy as clicking pictures and capturing memories has never been this easier. All the troubles of having to develop your pictures have been taken away as pictures are now available to use instantly. But like all good things, these digital cameras do face problems and it is never […]

How drones are replacing CCD cameras

As time has progressed so has technology and over the years, the technology in cameras has advanced as well. From film to digital, the ample progress has been quite remarkable and with the introduction of recently introduced drone technology, the use of cameras has gone to another level. The introduction of drone technology has opened […]

Tips on How to Decide: Digital Camera Repair or Replace?

Cameras are an important part of our lives now as they help us capture some of the most important memories in our lives. In recent years, cameras have progressed greatly as we have gone from an age of film to digital pictures. Nowadays, access to a camera has been made easiest, affording a good or […]